Mighty Heart – Dr. Pricilla Elworthy

Changemaking starts with the heart.

Dr Pricilla Elworthy is known to the world’s changemakers because she has been fighting for peace with passion and a big heart for decades. A visionary, she has started and mediated many dialogues in war zones or between decision-makers and critics of nuclear weapons. She was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, wrote books about her experiences and her TED talk on non-violence was watched by over 1,400,000 people on TED and YouTube.

Studio Oeding worked with coach, changemaker and peacemaker Pricilla Ellworthy for her project “Mighty Heart” and designed all communication materials. The idea of this mentoring programme is to develop and use the ability to transform conflict. This also means making a difference with a big heart and swimming against the tide. Pricilla shares her experience in the programme and gives a roadmap for change.
To create the corporate design, we took inspiration from the Mighty Heart, the King Arthur story, which is Pricilla’s favourite fairy tale. The design is inspired by elements from centuries past. We created the design concept including logo, stationary as well as the Exercise Book for the Mentoring Programme. The “Mights Heart” folder becomes a companion to the programme and over time a change bible or personal guideline. It is a high-quality object that supports and documents life change.



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Mighty Heart – Dr. Pricilla Elworthy