House of Culture St. Pauli – Grüner Jäger

Design for a place that connects

The Grüner Jäger is a landmark in the heart of the Schanzenviertel. Everything that moves the district and its people can be felt and seen here. Grüner Jäger is the first of 105 culture houses in Hamburg that Tarek Müller wants to create with his non-profit company 105 Viertel. The focus is on promoting art, culture and community in Hamburg in order to contribute to more togetherness in our society.

Studio Oeding created the design of the Grüner Jäger holistically so that location, concept and attitude intertwine and become visible. Our multi-layered task consisted of corporate design, logo design and interface design as well as corporate architecture and interior design with local artists. Striking design elements, a clear colour code as well as the distinctive character of the St. Pauli district flowed into the powerful design concept. Thus, the Grüner Jäger became a place for culture, art and community – for exchange on socially and locally relevant topics, for encounters, inspiration and a change of perspective.

Even before the doors opened, we realised the idea of the 105 quarters through cooperation with local artists – namely a connection between the art, culture and people of a district.


Corporate Design
Editorial Design
Interior Design
Logo Design
Social Media

House of Culture St. Pauli – Grüner Jäger