Innovation + recycling = fun on 2 wheels.

The team at the Hamburg-based startup has had a passion for Cafe Racers since their school days and is pursuing a unique idea: combining classic motorcycle design with modern technology made in Northern Germany. To achieve this, discarded batteries from Volkswagen are recycled and form the basis for new electric Cafe Racer mopeds of the 50s class.

Studio Oeding’s task was to design the corporate identity, including the brand emblem on each motorcycle, as well as a custom typeface, all communication materials and omnichannel communication designs. The design concept is influenced by the origins of Cafe Racers, the innovative spirit of the founders, and the desire to translate the product’s unique idea into a distinctive brand concept. The result is a powerful staging of Metorbike.

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Brand Strategy
Corporate Design
Editorial Design
Interface Design
Logo Design
Type Design