Mighty Heart – Paperback

Change with courage.

The Changemaker, visionary, and multiple Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Scilla Elworthy, has distilled her experiences into an online course. In the current tumultuous times with numerous challenges, “Mighty Heart” is an online course designed for those who are ready for change and seeking a modular toolkit.

The current paperback serves as the accompanying guide to the course and continues the successful collaboration with Studio Oeding. The editorial design embodies all the design principles of the developed corporate design. It conveys courage, value, and motivation into a roadmap for change. At the end of each course, this paperback, adorned in powerful red and white with golden embellishments, transforms into a deeply personal handbook for all life changes, presented in pocketbook format.

More at: www.mightyheart.co.uk


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Mighty Heart – Paperback