As a Design Solutions Manufactury, we develop holistic solutions.

In line with our claim of rethinking design, we create brand strategies, corporate identities, product designs, packaging designs as well as interfaces and innovations with vision. We work conceptually, substantially and consistently.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy & Story, Trend Analysis, Innovation

Depending on the objectives of our customers, we develop individual, holistic designs and strategies to match the industry, brand and product. From brand development to brand evolution, from professional market launches to internationalization. Our spectrum always covers the entire development process. In the form of workshops and trend analyses, we develop brand strategies and stories with the purpose of creating innovative solutions.

Corporate Design

Logo, Branding, Stationary, Interface, Editorial and Communication

Corporate design is so complex and yet so simple. It is the grid that gives the company or brand a fitting and distinctive personality. Important elements that lead to a differentiated appearance are logo design, branding, stationary, interface design, editorial design and communication design.

Packaging Design

Brand Design with Product & Packaging Design

The product and its packaging are the brand’s identity and contribute to the majority of brand and purchase decisions. We develop packaging design from the relaunch and expansion of a product range to new and innovative packaging design concepts.

Interface Design

Intuitively Understandable Concepts & Designs

The interface design conveys emotions and information in keeping with the brand. We develop intuitively understandable concepts and designs of digital user interfaces to offer the perfect solution for an optimally selling interface design.

Social Media

Strategy, Content, Implementation, Reporting Through All Channels

Storytelling through all social media channels is part of our brand strategy. In line with the goals of our customers and brand, we develop the content and channel strategy, the advertising, manage the community and keep an eye on everything through monitoring and reporting. As we are so close to the target group, we can track trends and set them ourselves.


Strategy + Courage + Design = Success.

The basis of every successful corporate development is an excellent, forward-looking strategy. In case this is currently missing, we offer different workshop formats to lay the foundation for innovation, growth, transformation or revolution with our customers. Because we like to break new ground and combine topics, insights and developments from different industries and disciplines to create completely new solutions. This is how we find “white spots” or discover new worlds.