As a Design Solutions Manufactury, we develop holistic solutions.

With our claim to rethink design, we work in three segments STUDIO OEDING STRATEGY, STUDIO OEDING DESIGN and STUDIO ISTLAND and stand for the success of our customer projects with field-tested knowledge from 30 years of experience.


Brand Strategy

Strategies for companies, people, brands and products

Our clients searched and we find: the white spot in the market, which leads to clear differentiation and sustainable influence in the market of our clients. According to our clients’ objectives, we develop individual, holistic and successful strategies for companies, individuals, brands and products.


Sustainability In Every Project

Sustainability and design are not mutually exclusive. In our world, they influence each other.  In each of our projects, we consult with 30 years of experience in environmental, economic and social sustainability concepts. In this way, the design, the material, the aesthetics and the functionality as a unit can permanently change the world of our clients and their consumers for the better.

Trends & Analysis

Relevant Foundations For Innovations & Strategies

The basis of every successful strategy is a comprehensive analysis of the market, current trends and relevant market participants – from local to global. With a lot of experience and methodological knowledge, we go into the research and prepare the results in a comprehensible and meaningful way. We provide companies with the relevant basis to make strategic and successful decisions.

Corporate Design

Logo, Branding, Stationary, Interface, Editorial and Communication

Corporate design is so complex and yet so simple. This is where all strategic considerations become visible. It is the grid that gives the company, the brand an unmistakable personality and creates recognition. We ensure a differentiating appearance with logo design, branding, stationary, interface design, editorial design and communication design.

Packaging Design

Brand Identity Through Product & Packaging Design

The product and its packaging are brand identity and contribute to a large extent to the brand and purchase decision. We develop packaging design from relaunch to extension of a product range to new and innovative packaging design concepts. For many years we have been advising our clients on sustainability and recycling in order to bring designs to market that meet the needs of all generations.

Interface Design

Intuitively Understandable Concepts & Designs

Interface design is more than surface, it is a communication channel of the brand and arouses emotions, provides information and navigates customers through complex structures. We develop intuitive, understandable concepts and optimal selling design for any digital user interface.


Content Creation & Implementation

Brand storytelling that is relevant and influential. Brand storytelling in social media channels is an integral part of our Brand Strategy. For omni-channel communication, we define content and channel strategy and advertising to match our clients’ objectives. Close to the target group, we detect trends or set them for our clients.


Strategy + Courage + Design = Success.

The basis of every successful corporate development is an excellent, forward-looking strategy. In case this is currently missing, we offer different workshop formats to lay the foundation for innovation, growth, transformation or revolution with our customers. Because we like to break new ground and combine topics, insights and developments from different industries and disciplines to create completely new solutions. This is how we find “white spots” or discover new worlds.