Create Meaning

How to create meaning.

Strategy consulting works with companies that live by their values and are committed to making a difference in the world. Steffen Stäuber and his team support these entrepreneurs in concentrating on the essentials and, above all, the important things and then aligning all processes accurately with them.
The logo of Create Meaning is a dodecahedron. With its 12 surfaces, it symbolizes the multidimensionality of an entrepreneur’s decision as well as the complexity of its effect. The work of the consulting firm is a mixture of science and esoteric, which becomes clear in the Corporate Design and conveys the high-quality and the quality demands of the founder in a special way. Gold symbolizes the sun and black stands for the universe. Other special features are the forms of refining such as gold hot-foil stamping and the production of the stationery on a traditional Heidelberg press that is over 100 years old


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