Mirja Jagalla

Expertise meets femininity.

Laughter is the most beautiful language in the world, that is the motto of oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr Mirja Jagalla, who wants to offer her patients the best possible treatment in a personal atmosphere.

Studio Oeding developed the corporate design concept. The focus is on the combination of expertise and femininity. In the design concept, Studio Oeding focused with great elegance on the aesthetics that are the driving force in all of Dr. Mirja Jagalla’s work, and emphasises the femininity of the practice owner with fine, softer lines. Thus, a reduced colour concept and a specially developed custom font were used to create a generous design concept. As a result, the corporate design, the logo design, the stationery and the interface design are surprising and deliberately deviate from the usual medical practice designs and create a brand with recognition with the distinctive design.

More at: https://www.drjagalla.de/



Corporate Design
Logo Design
Interface Design

Mirja Jagalla