Lima Studio – Contemporary Health Club

Natural Clarity

The Hamburger Contemporary Health Club was founded in 2023 and offers a holistic and sustainable sports and health program both on-site at two locations and digitally, with a consistent focus on the individual. Lima Studio strengthens long-term well-being with its multidisciplinary approach, including personal training, physiotherapy, nutrition, and wellness.

Studio Oeding developed a sensitive corporate design for Lima Studio, precisely reflecting the values of the founder and the company’s concept. Naturalness, straightforwardness, strength, and positive energy form the basis of the Lima Studio design.

We exclusively developed the typography for Lima Studio. It not only translates the straightforwardness but also symbolizes the company’s philosophy: all trainers are clear, supportive, and like a shadow to the customer in achieving jointly set training and health goals.

The color concept embodies naturalness and clarity, which are important to the team at the Contemporary Health Club: earthy natural tones combined with black and white create a powerful unity.

Building on this corporate design foundation, Studio Oeding designed three additional components: stationary, communication design, interface design, merchandise, and social media visual identity.

In collaboration with Studio Istland, the corporate design was translated into the spatial design of the two locations in Hamburg.


Brand Development
Brand Strategy
Corporate Design
Logo Design
Type Design
Editorial Design
Interface Design
Social Media
Packaging Design
Merchandise Design
Interior Design by Studio Istland

Lima Studio – Contemporary Health Club