Veganz – Redesign Part One

Veganz – Definition of a new product category

For Veganz, Europe’s market leader in the area of plant-based food, the international designer Katrin Oeding developed a new design with her Studio Oeding and supports the expansion strategy.

Katrin Oeding was part of a team of experts in the repositioning. Since the end of 2017 she and her design team of Studio Oeding has been working on the relaunch of the brand Veganz and the extensive vegan range with over 160 products. The strategy was to redefine an entire category, whose pioneer in the German-speaking world was Veganz. That impacted the assortment, communication, corporate design and even packaging design for a more international focus of the brand appearance together with the claim: “Good for you. Better for all.”

The design relaunch of the Veganz brand focuses on the more than 160 products including all communication activities and channels. The new corporate design developed at the end of 2018 was gradually implemented on the packaging design of the existing products and in all new developments. By the end of 2020, all packaging designs of the Veganz products will be converted step-by-step to the new corporate design.

For “vegan” there was no clearly defined design code when we started. The goal was to design the brand that is: light, tasty, personal, approachable with an eye for details for a strong shelf impact in the European market. The result was a contemporary design with a lot of handmade character and distinctiveness for the pioneer in the market of plant-based foods. Newly developed codes were combined by Studio Oeding with well-known codes from the organic category to leave the usual paths. Thus Veganz developed a strong and life-affirming brand personality.


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