Haus/Wine: Stylishly and sustainably packed!

Our packaging design for HAUS/WINE is another project that shows how stylishly sustainability and design go together. HAUS/WINE – these are organic and natural wines in a 3-litre bag-in-box made of high-quality, recyclable and opaque natural paper with large illustrations and individual variety labels. The standardised HAUS/WINE carton fits perfectly into every refrigerator and shelf.
Studio Oeding transported this sustainable wine concept into a new league with our lifestyle design. Stylish, contemporary and ecologically mature for presentation at the table or as a gift. And there is a tasteful, mouth-blown carafe for every member of the HAUS/WINE Club. As an alternative to pouring the wine directly from the HAUS/WINE box, the host or restaurateur can decant the high-quality wine so that the aroma and taste can fully develop.

The bag-in-box wine, which up to now has been neglected, has more ecological advantages than one might think. The CO2 emission of a wine box over its entire life cycle is 82% lower than that of glass bottles. The paper is not only recyclable, but also requires 78% less water during production than glass bottles. In addition to direct purchase from a French winegrowers’ cooperative, the sustainable logistics concept also includes safe shipping in packaging design without further repackaging. There is another argument in favour of stocking with HAUS/WINE: the open wine lasts up to 6 weeks instead of just a few days due to vacuum packaging of the wine.

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Photography: Conrad Bauer


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