2wei x Ohana Bam x Marvin Brooks

First music video for 2wei Musik

2WEI and Studio Oeding have been cooperating in the field of music production since 2019. In addition, Katrin Oeding designed the studio of the Hamburg music company.

The lyric video for 2WEI feat. Ohana Bam & Marvin Brooks, however, is the first joint visual music project. The singer/songwriter and artist from Berlin/Ghana has been working with 2WEI since the beginning of the year. In addition to commissioned productions for film trailers and commercials, 2WEI now also produces and sets up international artists.

With the handmade typography concept Katrin Oeding draws a bow to her beginnings. She started out as a trained poster painter with a great passion for calligraphy. This passion for the handmade and craftsmanship still accompanies the now internationally renowned designer today in the development of new brands for international branded goods companies as well as for start-ups. Katrin Oeding also promotes the craftsmanship and skill of her international team.


Creative Direction
Video Design
Type Design