Simply Nuts – Cashew Drink

Simply Nuts is the cashew drink product in Germany with currently the highest cashew content and a healthy, sustainable milk alternative.
The 3 drinks in this product family are the first consumer brand that the family-owned company Simply Nuts has launched on the German market.

The design concept celebrates Benin, the origin of the cashew, in every way. It equally visualizes what is important to the family: Sustainability, fairness and high quality. The packaging design shows much of the cashew’s homeland. The handmade illustrations with natural motifs from the West African country of origin, together with the color code, offer clear variety differentiation. The color-intensive design focuses on one power animal of the jungle per variety on the product front. The existing brand name stands for the pure product concept of the range and was turned into an unmistakable word brand with a specially developed typography. Sustainability has many aspects in the family business: plant-based materials with 20% less CO2 emissions than usual, the processed whole cashew kernels are not roasted or the support of school construction projects in the growing countries.

We took care of Simply Nuts holistically and developed not only a corporate design, but also the packaging design, logo design, interface design, communication design including social media and the POS design.


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