Natural Doze – Supplements

The vegan Soft Drops from Natural Doze support a healthy lifestyle by providing a daily dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients – with lots of taste and pleasure. With the current 6 different vitamin drops, the lifestyle brand offers a vegan, delicious alternative to conventional tablets and capsules. The Soft Drops are gently produced using a low-temperature process and the important nutrients are absorbed naturally when sucking and chewing. Natural flavors provide the taste of Natural Doze’s gluten-free and allergen-free drops.

Sustainability, naturalness and vibrancy were the key drivers behind the identity development and design of the supplements brand. Based on the jointly developed assortment structure, which creates an order system with clear differentiation of varieties through an intensive color code. The color of the individual products is inspired by the respective fruit that provides the flavor. The result is a fresh, bright and optimistic color world that visualizes a positive attitude towards life. This cheerfulness is also reflected in the distinctive word-image brand with gum shape, interface design and communication.

The daily dose of purely plant-based, highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and nutrients was also to be an experience in terms of packaging and, in the strongly sustainable orientation of the packaging design, complete the brand concept. The components are thoughtfully sustainable: the labels are made of cane sugar fiber, hemp and linen, the can is made of recycled PET (RPET) and the carton is made of FSC-certified recycled paper. The carton is also the shipping carton for smaller order quantities, which is not glued but only tucked. All in all, this resulted in a packaging design concept that appeals to the target group in a positively optimistic way and allows for the latest sustainability and recycling standards in the selection of materials.

We provided the client with holistic support. In addition to the corporate design, logo design and packaging design, we also realized communication, campaigning, shooting as well as interface design of the store and the social media support.


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