Dirk Zilken Design

Individualität par excellence

Costume designer and concept developer Dirk Zilken is at home in productions on large and small, national and international stages around the world. He lives out his creativity in an overall concept for the stage with lively design and produces by hand. The key to every stage concept is a folder with the multi-layered designs for the respective production, which, with a cleverly conceived packaging solution, brings the manufactured costumes to the recipient.

We created the corporate design including a monogram and took this as the design foundation for the stationary and shipping solutions, the unique interface design and the corporate presentation. The basic idea for the design concept was to create a framing in which there is a lot of space for Dirk’s personality and his individuality. Textile structures, patterns and textures are the basis for everything Dirk designs. Therefore, we incorporated his favorite materials and fabrics into the corporate design concept. We abstracted these and designed a stamp box with 16 different wooden stamps including a star and newly developed monogram in a handmade box.

The color concept of the corporate design is based on warm tones. The building blocks of the modular concept reflect individual aspects of his personality and the individual combination variants make each stamp image unique.


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Dirk Zilken Design