Digital Kindergarten

Digital Kindergarten – From coding to a unique digital language.

With the tech conference “Digital Kindergarten”, achtung! sets standards in the discovery of new digital trends and technologies as well as future-oriented insights. AI, VR, AR, 3D printing, digital marketing and communication, smarthome and robotics can be discovered or experimented with. Studio Oeding developed the corporate design and communication tools from the website to merchandise and newsletter.

The associations with the Digital Kindergarten can be felt down to the smallest detail of the design. So Studio Oeding created its own type design and logo design inspired by the coding and the html clip and combined it with a playful lightness, a striking design and a contrasting color selection. As a tribute to the beginnings of the digital age, all print materials are produced using the riso printing process (first digital printing process) developed in Japan in 1986. The bugs in the process are an offset in each sheet and a varying application of colour, so each business card is unique. Another special feature is the use of exclusively soya oil-based inks.


Corporate Design
Logo Design
Interface Design
Type Design

Digital Kindergarten